Boulton Creative's support staff doggedly pursuing a lead

Boulton Creative is a team of marketing professionals, offering branding, design, web development, and digital marketing services, all in-house.

Our culture is grounded in collaboration and respect for the various expertise we each bring to the team. Our group has worked together for an average of 13 years – pretty impressive for a creative agency!

Beth Boulton of Boulton CreativeBeth Boulton with her dog Mamie

Beth is a former New Yorker who loves to travel. Beth's mind is always going – thinking up ways to help clients grow their businesses. On the outside, Beth may seem no nonsense, but underneath it all, her great ideas and positive attitude are what make Boulton Creative a success.

Beth Boulton

Creative Director
Annie Vorys of Boulton Creative

Annie is a graduate of Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN. She has a passion for organization, creativity, and learning new things. She has a varied background of event management, copywriting, and nonprofit fundraising that means she’s done a little bit of everything. Annie stays in the know on all the latest digital trends, but keeps it old school with her trusty notebook.

Annie Vorys

Account Manager
Madison Browning of Boulton CreativeMadison Browning with her dog Sunshine

Madison pursued her passion for marketing after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Recently relocating to Greensboro, she is a North Carolina native and spends most weekends either in the NC mountains or on the coast. Her hobbies include traveling, cooking, and enjoying anything when she can bring her pup Sunshine along.

Madison Browning

Account Manager
Ceil Diering of Boulton Creative

A place for everything and everything in its place - Ceil loves to keep us organized! She has to be able to multi-task - she has 3 busy boys who keep her and her husband, who happens to be our IT guy, constantly on the go. When Ceil isn’t busy plugging away at the computer, she can be found busily baking for a school event or shuffling kids to practice – always done with a smile on her face.

Ceil Diering

Office Manager
Ashley Wall of Boulton Creative

As our business development manager, Ashley is a true people person. And whether it’s looking for new opportunities for Boulton, the NYT crossword, running the next half marathon or a DIY project, Ashley thrives on solving challenges and making the right connections. (She also is a dog and cat person – just going to show, she can get along with anyone and everyone.)

Ashley Wall

Business Development
Heather Herndon of Boulton CreativeHeather Herndon with her dogs Beau and Bella

Pizza loving, 8K+ running Heather fell in love with art and design in New Orleans, where she grew up. She then fine-tuned her awesome (yet meticulous) design and illustration skills at RISD. Now she lives in Chapel Hill and commutes a couple of days a week to the Gate City during which she ponders life and sings (loudly) to top 40 hits.

Heather Herndon

Art Director
Amy Leubuscher of Boulton CreativeAmy Leubuscher with her dog Buck

Amy is always on the move. As a child she lived all over the country and moved 3 times in high school before graduating from TCU with a fine arts degree. Now she stays on the go in Greensboro. When she isn't working her amazing design magic at Boulton, she is busy keeping up with her 3 kids, searching antique shops for old lettering, and fixing up old houses – all done with her trademark positive attitude. Go, Amy, Go!

Amy Leubuscher

Art Director
Dan Shaw of Boulton Creative

Dan’s expertise in high impact web marketing, content and SEO spans more than 25 years. He is a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a B.A. in Telecommunications/Marketing and a minor in Women's Studies - a valuable bonus working with the women at Boulton! Dan brings his life’s passion for web marketing strategies and high Google rankings to help our clients get noticed in the noisy world of the Internet.

Dan Shaw

SEO & Web Marketing
Eric Michel of Boulton CreativeEric Michel with his dog Ruckus

Originally from Florida, Eric brings his sunshiny disposition to Boulton. As a full stack WordPress developer, he is continually growing and improving upon his ten years of experience. And unlike his dogs, Ruckus and Havoc, his web skills create calm for our clients – and for the web.

Eric Michel

Web Developer
Josh Kagel of Boulton Creative

Josh graduated from Elon University with a BA in Music. He took on various roles in Systems Management as he balanced life on the road with his thriving band, Big Something. Following the birth of his daughter, Josh traded the spotlight for regular hours. With music playing in the background, he handles web content management, maintenance, and development.

Josh Kagel

Web Content Manager
Mamie Boulton - Creative Agency Leader


Bella Herndon - Digital Marketing Consultant










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