Beth Boulton marketing to a captive audience

Digital Marketing

Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website.

Attract and engage customers with a full digital marketing strategy from Boulton Creative including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) digital ads, email marketing, and more.

SEO & Content

Boulton Creative’s copywriters and web team work together to create effective site structure, keyword-focused content, and robust back-end metadata to optimize your ranking in Google search results.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Web marketing managers strategically select the best digital marketing platform for your brand, audience, and goals. Our expert team is versed in Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertising. We build and maintain highly effective ad campaigns designed, written, placed, and continually optimized to get you the best ROI.

Email Marketing

We develop email marketing campaigns that complement other marketing efforts and get your message in front of existing customers.

Targeted emails keep your customers engaged and encourage them to take action.

Boulton Creative believes that a great social media strategy starts with authentic engagement directly between you and your audience. We can advise on content, messaging, and branding so you can maintain a presence in front of new and existing audiences.

Boulton Creative digital marketing clients have access to an analytics portal available 24/7. Custom reporting is also provided on a weekly or monthly basis with an overview of web traffic, search results, PPC conversions and more.